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Somalia backs Saudi-UAE bloc blockade on Qatar

Somali President Sharif Hassan [Wikipedia]
Somali President Sharif Hassan [Wikipedia]

Somalia’s southern autonomous region has sided with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates’ bloc against Qatar, local news site Garowe reported yesterday.

President Sharif Hassan’s office of Southwest State said a neutral position previously taken by the Federal Government of Somalia on the Qatar-Gulf rift did not match the considerations of the federal member states and people.

We expressed in the leadership forum held in Mogadishu in July 2017 that Somalia can not take a neutral position on the Gulf Crises because of our historical relationship as well as the strategic partnership we have with Saudi Arabia and the UAE

said Hassan.

Somalia’s official response to the Gulf rift was to support Qatar, as pushed forward by President Mohammed Abdullah Farmajao in early June.

Hassan recently travelled to the UAE to reiterate support for the Emirates and Saudi Arabia’s position on Qatar.

Qatar has been accused by Saudi Arabia and the UAE of supporting terrorism and extremism, and has been under siege by land, air and sea in 5 June. Qatar categorically denies the allegations.

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  • Mohamed farah

    Majority of Somalis support the Saudi and Emirati-led coalition, the corrupt so-called government of Mogadishu is puppet of the Qatari government. Their ultimate decision is based on tribal self-interest, because Qatar and Turkey usually only provides support for Hawiye tribe of Mogadisho.

  • Axmad M. Caabi

    Majority of Somalis support the decision of the government of the federal republic of Somalia to stay neutral. The rift between the Arabs should be solve through dialogue and consultation. Somalia and our newly elected democratic president Mohamed cabdullahi farmaajo is ready to mediate if needed. As Somalia stands by the unity and peaceful coexistence of its Arab brothers its unfortunate that some of these arab countries are by passing the central authority of somalia and buying support from corrupt federal state representative and governors that doesn’t have the legal mandate to forged relationship with foreign country.