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PA to request Interpol arrest 15 Palestinians, including Dahlan

Image of Mohammed Dahlan [file photo]

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is preparing files for 15 Palestinian abroad to ask the internal police organization Interpol to arrest them, the names include that of dismissed Fatah leader Mohamed Dahlan, AlKhaleej Online reported yesterday.

The news website said that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is using the newly obtained membership to achieve personal gains as he plans to arrest his rival Dahlan, who was dismissed from Fatah after he exposed cases of corruption involving Abbas’ sons.

Interpol accepted the State of Palestine’s membership on 27 September by 75 vote for, 24 against and 34 abstentions.

Interpol is the largest police organisation with 190 member states.

According to AlKhaleej Online, the PA promised the United States that it would never seek the arrest of Israeli officials involved in crimes against the Palestinians.

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  • DEADP00L

    Israel will annex Gaza just like it did the West Bank. It will dress in Palestinian clothing, use Palestinian proxies; but it will be Israeli occupation through and through.

  • charliematerne

    Looks like Interpol just voted itself to be the “Palestinian Gestapo” Smooth move guys

    • abu antar

      You have a keen eye.Egypt, frustrated of the PA antics, was pushing Dahlan to return to his old play ground where he plundered and sucked the Gazans dry.(let’s leave out,for the time being the fact that Dahlan in the past, gave the orders to detain, torture and execute Hamas sympathizers).Abbas, under pressure from Egypt and the Gulf states,played along and bid his time for the sneaky way to keep Dahlan far away and on the run. As i post over and over , the Palestinians, worthy of an independent state as they rightfully deserve, are NOT ready . They have no leadership, no governing system and if they keep pushing,at this time, they’ll be another 3rd world bankrupt state.See South Sudan.

      • charliematerne

        Arab “leaders” and especially the so-called “Palestinian” leaders have always been the worst enemy of the Arab people

        • Robert Skinner

          You do realize abbas works for Israel. Abbas is like Trump saying he will work for the poor.

      • charliematerne

        Every “Palestinian LEADER” has sucked the “Palestinian people” dry. We agree, ” the Palestinians, worthy of an independent state as they rightfully deserve, are NOT ready . “

        • Robert Skinner

          ABBAS is a israeli stooge like the AIPAC boot lickers in my government willing to sell out the bill of rights in support of Israeli crime.

    • Robert Skinner

      Israel holds the words record on crimes against humanity. Tell it to the ICC

      • charliematerne

        And which “crimes against humanity” would those be?

        • Robert Skinner

          Are you serious Really, Israel is so bad it’s hard to know where to start. bombing one of the world’s most densely populated areas in Collective punishment, bulldozing down homes, destroying water wells, they destroyed solar power installed by Japan in the west bank. how about attacking the bill of rights although thats not a crime against humanity it is attacking America’s basic rights. lots of crime against palestine to many to list, so lets look at Israeli false flag attacks like the Lavon affair and trying to sink the USS liberty. five dancing Israelis 9/11 said they were there to film the event.
          Here is terrorism Israel bombs a building with something that wont destroy the building for a few moments but the next bomb will. Israel saying its to give them time to get out before its destroyed. Lies it’s to terrorize people. Want to stop rockets OBEY the law. Don’t think that matters then how about I move into your house, push you into the dog house and then mess with you in every way I can think of.
          Israel is a terrorist state. Some Israeli war criminals wont leave Israel for fear of a fair trial at the ICC.

          • charliematerne

            “Gaza is One of the Most Densely-Populated Areas on Earth”
            We’ve been hearing this statement on the news lately. I decided to do a small investigation. Is Gaza one of the most densely-populated areas on earth?
            To cut to the chase, the answer depends on the basis of comparison. The population density of the Gaza Strip is 5,045.5 people per square kilometer. But Gaza is neither city nor country. Comparisons are, necessarily, difficult. Comparing Gaza with countries and city-states (including Hong Kong), Gaza is number three. But looking at cities instead, Gaza is number 46. (The second table below shows Gaza as number 47, but it counts Singapore twice.) And two cities in India – Mumbai and Kolkata — have densities over 20,000 per km². Finally, a quick look at Ralah via Bing maps satellite view seems to show large areas of open space. My conclusion: locating rockets near schools and hospitals is a choice made by Hamas, not a necessity caused by overcrowding.
            Should I keep dismantling your statement, or would you like to concede defeat?

          • Ruven Golan

            do u live on Native American land?

  • Robert Skinner

    We Americans have some very serious problem with Israel, A big one right now is Israel keeps trying to destroy our freedom of speech. they are trying to get our congress to pass a law to send Americans to jail for 20 years and fine them up to a million dollars for boycotting Israel. the United States Supreme Court has ruled prior to Israel attacking the bill of rights that boycotting is protected as a form of free speech.
    You can check of your house rep or senator voted for these attacks on the United States Constitution by checking S 720 and hr 1697.
    If they voted for that they put what AIPAC the Israeli lobby wants our Basic rights. Boycotting is voting with what you buy.
    My Rep brad sherman took this attack on America to a house vote. i wrote him told him he should be on trial for treason. You can write your rep as well. You don’t need to say they should be on trial for treason but at least let them know how you feel about attacking the bill of rights AND VOTE them out of office.