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US allocates $12m bounty for hunting Hezbollah fugitives

File photo of Hezbollah's troops
File photo of Hezbollah's troops

The United States’ State Department is offering rewards worth up to $12m for information leading to the capture of two Hezbollah fugitives, Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv has reported.

As reported by Al-Resalah, Ma’ariv said that $7m would be allocated for bounty hunters giving information about the head of Hezbollah operation abroad Talal Hemyar and $5m for the chief of Hezbollah operation inside Lebanon.

According to the newspaper, the US accuses Hemyar of kidnapping American nationals and carrying out attacks against American targets and people.

The Israeli newspaper stated that the US is referring to the attack against the American embassy in Beirut in 1983 and other attacks on Jewish targets in Argentina and other countries.

Although Ma’ariv reported the news, it did not cite any American officials or any official statement announcing the rewards.

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