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The next war will be waged against Lebanon, Syria and Gaza, says Lieberman

Image of Israeli Defence Minster Avigdor Lieberman on 12 April 2017 [PakCricket/Twitter]
Image of Israeli Defence Minster Avigdor Lieberman on 12 April 2017 [PakCricket/Twitter]

Israel’s Defence Minister has said that the next war waged on Israel’s northern front will not only be against Hezbollah in Lebanon, but also Syria, and hostilities will also include the Gaza Strip. Avigdor Lieberman made his comments in a speech to army officers at the Defence Ministry in Tel Aviv on Monday on the eve of the Yom Kippur holiday.

“The next war in the north will not only be the Lebanese front, but rather a united front made up of Syria and Lebanon,” Lieberman explained. “The Lebanese army has lost its independence and has become an integral part of Hezbollah.” He added that Israel will not have a war on a single front. “The next war will be fought on both fronts [north and south].” This, obviously, implies that Gaza will again be a target for an Israeli military offensive.

“We are trying our best to prevent the next war,” claimed the extreme right-wing minister, “but in this ‘new’ Middle East, it is no longer predicted that war is unlikely, like in the past.” Such predictions, he suggested, do not reflect the sensitive reality in the region; war may occur from one moment to the next, or overnight.

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“Everything suggests that we must plan for a serious ground invasion, and there is no invasion without strong fire. Our tanks must provide such strong fire, just as the air defence must prevent great losses for Israel.”

The minister concluded that Israel must prepare for any potential scenario, as the new reality holds challenges for everyone.

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  • Fasdunkle

    Makes sense to prepare for the most likely threat

  • Vinegar Hill

    Due to the uncertanity about which way the crotch grabbing president will go regarding an Israel Palestinian peace agreement the Israelis are desperately looking for war. They have taken out the drums and are beating a military march. They are junkies of war and have to get their jollies by wallowing in the blood of Palestinians and any organisation or country that dares tell thre truth about their vile atrocities.

    • Fasdunkle

      They have listened to what hezbollah and hamas have said and are preparing accordingly.

  • Liberty Agbo

    Israel is the headmaster of middle east, Gods words cant be change. i rest my case.

    • Francesco Onofrio

      haha….. which God? yours? mine? their? the excuse that God said they should stay there is no longer understandable. Is your book, translated from previous book and you just interpretrate as per your convenience.

    • Angelo Cinarelli

      Israel is the CANCER of this World.

  • Robert Browning

    ….and the bombing and attacks by Israel inside Syrian territory were supposed to ingratiate the Jews with the Syrian leadership? Israel has dropped nuclear bombs inside of Syria and this Jew expects Syria and her allies to just eat it? Take responsibility for your conduct Jew.

  • hiking

    This is Israels end game. They want to extend their borders and push the arabs out.