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Iraq forces remove Kurdish flag from Kirkuk

Iraqi forces have entered central Kirkuk after capturing key sites outside the city

Iraqi forces have today lowered and removed the Kurdish flag which was hoisted on Kirkuk governorate building, leaving only the Iraqi flag raised.

The move comes after fighting was reported in the city after government forces, supported by the Shia Mobilisation Forces, entered the province to regain control of it from Peshmerga forces which had taken over after Iraqi forces retreated during their fight with Daesh.

The Kurdish flag was raised in the disputed city in April with Iraqi Prime Minster Haidar Al-Abadi slamming the move which he said was aimed at creating “sedition” in the divided city.

Though security sources had reported that a convoy of elite Iraqi military forces took control of the governorate building in central Kirkuk without opposition today, Rudaw, a news site with close links to the Peshmerga forces, said fighting had broken out in Kirkuk between Kurdish fighters and the Iraqi army.

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A dozen Humvees from the US-trained Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) arrived at the governorate building and took position in the vicinity alongside the local city police, they said. They drove to the centre of the city from airport which they had captured earlier in the day from Kurdish forces.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi gave instructions that the Iraqi flag be hoisted on Kirkuk and other territories claimed by both the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

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  • nooraza othman

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    Now, they are also cooking up future Kurdish ‘Yazidistan’ as promoted by CIA/MOSSAD pornographic Hollywood Cloon*y through his UN-ambitious British lawyer wife.

    Or it will be too late, like what happened to the Indigenous Palestinian Muslim and Orthodox Christians in savage rogue colonial
    ISrael; that these TERRORIST Zio Kurdish Occupiers, as led by PKK, seem to worship so much!

    See – Despite Syrian Governments Attempts to Unify Country US-backed Kurdish SDF Persist with Land Theft, by Sarah Abed, The Rabbit Hole (sarahabedcom), Posted on October 8, 2017, at – The Myth of the Kurdish YPG’s Moral Excellence, By Stephen Gowans, What’s Left, July 11, 2017; at – Kirkuk to be made capital of so-called Kurdistan: Declaring oil-rich Kirkuk as the capital of so-called Kurdistan and forming a joint army with PKK terrorists were discussed during a meeting attended by American and Israeli officials, with the ultimate aim of dividing Iraq, Editor/Internet, Yeni Şafak; September 26, 2017; at – Barzani supports Daesh established by US, Israel: An Iraqi intelligence document dated from 2001 establishes that CIA and Mossad established the core of Daesh and Barzani supported this and met with Bernard Henry Levy, Editor/Internet ,Yeni Şafak, October 05, 2017; at – Kurdish PKK and YPG’s Hidden Notorious Crimes: Kidnapping, Murder, and Narcotics Trafficking, By Sarah Abed, The Rabbit Hole (sarahabedcom), September 24, 2017; at – Ongoing Kurdish Terror Attacks Against Aramean Christians in Syria, World Council of Arameans (Syriacs); and at – Kurds Annexing Assyrian Lands in Iraq, By Matthew Barber, AINA News Posted 2017-10-01.