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Germany will await prosecution “ok” before delivering Israeli subs – Spiegel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [MathKnight/Flickr]

Germany will wait for Israeli prosecutors to conclude all investigations in a corruption scandal involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before delivering three submarines in a $2 billion defence deal, German magazine Der Spiegel reported.

The weekly magazine reported that the German government had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Israel under which a declaration by the Israeli government would not be regarded as sufficient evidence that the affair was concluded.

The 2016 deal has been under public scrutiny since it emerged that Netanyahu’s personal lawyer also represented the local agent of the German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems set to build the vessels.

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  • nooraza othman

    Strange my comment just disappeared from ZioGoo*le! Now I have to use a different search engine!

  • nooraza othman

    My comment that disappeared before:

    3 German Submarines have already been delivered to ISrael (two were donated and a third’s cost was divided between both regimes; and the fourth delivered in 2012 and the fifth one, by late 2015; the 4/5/6th are advanced Dolphin; and the German regime is reportedly covering a third of the total $1.8 billion cost of the last three advanced Dolphin-class vessels which is Nuclear-capable)! So how come it is reported there that 3 Submarines have not been delivered; where as only the 6th that has not been delivered. Seems very fishy here!

    Thus, HYPOCRITE Germany/EU! Demonizing Turkey whilst supporting and arming the rogue TERRORIST colonial ISrael’s regime that us committing endless GENOCIDE towards the savagely occupied Indigenous Palestinian Muslims/Orthodox Catholics; and we can guess who is behind CIA/MOSSAD-created IS/ISIS/ISIL/DAesh CANNIBALS/PEDOPHILES/NECROPHILIACS/ORGAN-TISSUE TRAFFICKERS! See –

    at – Israel Submarine Capabilities

    Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI)

    July 30, 2015; and at –

    The Israel Lobby and Its Disproportionate Influence over the US Congress. Israel, An Undeclared Nuclear Weapons State

    By Anthony Bellchambers

    Global Research, August 17, 2017