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Investigations with Netanyahu's Envoy in the Submarines Case

November 8, 2017 at 12:27 am

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu seen with his wife Sara Netanyahu

Israeli police have subjected Yitzhak Molcho, the special envoy of the Prime Minister, to investigations in suspicions of financial corruption related to the German submarine case, known in the media as “File 3000”.

According to the Hebrew public radio, police have investigated Molcho over the past two days in suspicions of being involved in corruption cases during the purchase operation of German submarines, and he is facing a charge of “misuse of credit”.

The public radio also mentioned that the investigations with Molcho were about his activities in the framework of his work with Netanyahu, and their impact on the interests of his partner in the law office David Shimron (the principle person accused in the case of File 3000).

Shimron, the private lawyer of the Israeli Occupation’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and one of his relatives, is also being investigated in the same case.

The Israeli judiciary had banned the publication of Molcho’s name, during the past two days before it was allowed to be published this morning.

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Last Sunday, the judiciary allowed to uncover that one of the two confidants who were investigated was David Shimron, while the second, whose name was banned from being published, turned out to be one of Netanyahu’s closest associates.

Last Sunday, Israeli police arrested two close associates of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to investigate the Lahav 433 Unit, an Israeli anti-corruption umbrella organization, in the context of its investigations in the case of submarines.

The office of the Israeli Occupation’s Prime Minister revealed in a written statement on October 25, that Molcho resigned from his position.

He added “Attorney Yitzhak Molcho, the special diplomatic envoy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will leave his office at the end of February 2018.”

Molcho served at this post when Netanyahu headed his first government between 1996 and 1999, and returned to his post again since 2009, after Netanyahu returned to the premiership.

Molcho headed the Israeli delegation in the negotiations with the Palestinians and was a special envoy of the Israeli prime minister to many Arab and Western countries.