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BBC journalist deletes tweet about UK’s ‘corrupt’ relationship with Israel

BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg [Policy Exchnage/Flickr]
BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg [Policy Exchnage/Flickr]

A prominent BBC journalist has deleted a tweet in which a senior Conservative MP can be seen complaining about the British media turning a blind eye to the corrupt relationship that has allowed Israel to “buy access” in Westminster.

The tweet was posted by the BBC’s Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg on Wednesday while the Scottish journalist was covering the build up to the resignation of Priti Patel. The Secretary of State for International Development had taken part in undisclosed meetings in Israel organised by the powerful Conservative Friends of Israel lobby (CFI) last summer.

Kuenssberg’s Twitter posts on the day were full of tweets on the Patel story including comments about Number 10 denying the allegation made by the Jewish Chronicle that Prime Minster Theresa May had been made aware of the 12 meetings Patel had had during her “family holiday” in Israel.

In her deleted tweet, which MEMO has been able to grab as a screenshot, Kuenssberg reported a comment made by a “senior” Tory MP who, enraged by the debacle, called for Lord Polak, honorary president of CFI and the person thought to be behind Patel’s Israel trip, to be sacked.

“Strong words,” tweeted Kuenssberg, “Senior Tory says Lord Polak should be chucked out of the party, claiming ‘the entire apparatus has turned a blind eye to a corrupt relationship that allows a country to buy access’.”

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MEMO contacted Kuenssberg to ask why she had deleted the tweet but has not received a reply from the journalist.

The BBC has often been accused of pro-Israel bias and it would appear that this was yet another example of the broadcaster censoring criticism of Israel or senior BBC journalists enforcing self-censorship when it comes to Israel.

While it’s not absolutely clear what the senior Tory meant by the “entire apparatus”, it would appear that the concerns raised by the Conservative politician echo similar complaints made by Israel’s critics over the influence of CFI and other pro-Israeli lobby groups on the entire British establishment including the media.

Kuenssberg’s decision to delete the tweet it seems is further proof that the “entire apparatus” is reluctant to shed light on the “corrupt relationship” between the UK and Israel, which critics say is the reason why the BBC and other media corporations have turned a blind eye, and allowed Israel through the CFI and organisations like the Labour Friends of Israel to “buy access”.

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  • Michael Morgan

    Kuenssberg was just following the BBC editorial position as the scandal broke and as they ran with it….It seems they suddenly realised that it was the Zionist filth and the Tory scum involved in this melange of cash, politics, arms deals and “aid” corruption and that these people are the paymasters of the BBC. Ooopsie daisy.

    • Fred Mace

      I second that. Well said

  • Seoigh

    Some people don’t like a mirror being held up in front of them then the facts don’t suit them….

  • Stephen Healy

    Oops cats out of the bag. Getting it deleted only enhances the corruption. Disgusting the BBC zealots, some all Friends of Israel can turn a blind eye. I should rip up of TV tax and send it to them in the post.

    • Dan

      Don’t pay the licence, until they satisfy your concern

      • StopZionistCensorship

        there is no need to own a TV ,

  • KOLIN Thumbadoo

    The BBC has long ceased to be a credible source of balanced news and appears to be totally subverted by Zionist management who are firmly ensconced in a neo-conservative love in at the BEEB. Pathetic really.

    • Bob Kerr

      Absolute bollocks. The BEEB is more often described as Lefty, Palestinian supporting, anti-Tory than Zionist. Practically all I’ve heard about Priti Patel’s dodgy dealings has come from the BBC, so hardly supporter of the Israeli government.

      • Richards

        Are you joking!.

      • StopZionistCensorship

        the BBC are corrupt , the left right paradigm is false. the accusations that BBC are left wing or right wing are fake. its not an objective news source taken as a whole

    • Richards

      So is channel 4.

      • StopZionistCensorship

        Channel 4 is Zionist .

    • Rob Ellis

      I get my news from RT. It’s more reliable than the BBC, SKY, CNN, FOX etc etc despite the the USA claiming it’s Putins propaganda department.

  • Richards

    I believe this journalist told the truth. Soon the Zionist Apartheid ethnic cleansing regime will be running parliament! Or are they already going so.
    This country will be going the same way as America.

    • Wood Rowe

      I don’t think it’s fair to judge the Muslims who kill the liberal English

  • Most British do not support Israel, even though their government might, at least according to some of the polls conducted.

  • Steve Belasco

    A conservative criticising corruption? hmmm I think not…

  • StopZionistCensorship

    Israel is a huge problem , anybody who has had to endure state vsponsored Israeli trolling online is well aware of their depraved ractics that involve stalking, threats, impersonation and smears . The UK is ground zero for Israel and they continue to dominate UK public affairs by controlling politicians

  • Rob Ellis

    I get my news from RT these days. It’s biased but less biased than the BBC.