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Kuwait hosts conference against normalisation with Israel

November 17, 2017 at 4:17 pm

The Kuwaiti National Assembly [Xiquinhosilva / Wikipedia]

The Conference to Resist Normalisation with Israel in the Gulf began in Kuwait today.

Organised by the BDS Movement in the Gulf, consisting of BDS and anti-normalisation organisations in the region, the forum will discuss papers addressing the forms of normalisation, criteria for combatting normalisation and the dangers of normalisation. The legal aspects of normalisation and resistance are also on the agenda.

Panellists will also discuss strategies for boycott, including the concept and influence. South Africa’s experience will be highlighted along with the student movement in America and the Palestinian issue, and the Zionist violations of the rights of Palestinian workers.

Sponsored by the Kuwaiti National Assembly, the conference has received popular and partisan support from numerous organisations in the country.

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A member of the conference’s Coordinating Committee, Mariam Al-Hajri, told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed:The conference is necessary in light of the fact that some Gulf countries are leaning towards complete normalisation with Israel and disregarding the blood that was sacrificed for the sake of the Palestinian cause.”

“The conference is recording the position of the Gulf people on normalisation and their complete rejection of it.”