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Israel TV: Saudi Arabia, Egypt gave Trump green light regarding Jerusalem

Saudi attracts US attention by singing Israel's tunes - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]
Saudi attracts US attention by singing Israel's tunes - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

Israel’s News 10 said Saudi Arabia and Egypt gave US President Donald Trump the go ahead to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the occupied city.

The channel said the Arab parties’ reactions and condemnations are not genuine and are misleading.

Israeli journalist and head of the Arab desk at the news channel, Zvi Yehezkeli stressed that the announcement could not have been made without coordination between Trump and his regional allies.

“I am not sure about the Arab countries’ reactions to this resolution,” Yehezkeli said, adding that the responses issued so far were not serious.

On Wednesday, the US President Donald Trump announced his decision to formally recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s new capital adding that the American embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

World leaders, from Europe to the Middle East to Australia, slammed the decision as a “unilateral and outside the vision of a negotiated peace between Israelis and Palestinians,” warning of “heightened tensions or even violence across the Middle East.”

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  • Kaminoyona

    Perhaps my guess was right the other day when I said Trump said to them “you forget the “palestinain” agenda and we will take care of Iran”.

  • littletommytucker

    KSA, UAE and Egypt have hardly forgotten The Palestinian agenda, they are fully onto the ‘agenda’, eliminate the Palestinians from history, they are all poor and just a drain on the coffers of the ruling families of the KSA, UAE and Egypt. The rich ruling families of said countries are about as far removed from Islam as you can get, just as the rulers of USA and Israel are as far removed from Christianity and Judaism.

    • Anti racist

      True. Agreed

    • DEADP00L

      Palestine really has been quite the eye opener for many. It unmasks all.

  • Athar Basit

    Who would have thought that the US public would elect Trump as President.

  • H Mokhbat

    Muslims allover the world should fight first the Sissy united Arab emirate and Saudi regime before turning to israel and her cronies, because the root of the problem lies between these 3 states who already sold their soul to the zionists.

  • Kaname Fujiwara

    Even if the leaders agree – a big if, the bulk of the Muslim world was and is against his. This will consequence long after the Trump presidency and it will not be pretty….

    • Empty

      Judging from the latest actions, SA want to slightly reform the islam. So I believe that won’t oppose recognizing Jerusalem as Israels capital. Also they migth do that just to piss off Iran

      • DEADP00L

        Its not up to Saudi Arabia anyway. But it will be up to Muslims on what they plan to do with Saudi Arabia, because its not about reform at all. Its about evil end by evil means against Muslims.

  • DEADP00L

    Good thing none of these said countries have any say in any of it. Its like having Colombia, Mexico and Panama giving Canada the all clear to declare The Vatican Canada’s capital even though it belongs to Rome.

    It doesn’t actually work like that.

    Saudi Arabia and the UAE in particular have NEVER been involved in anything with relation to Palestine beyond treating Palestinians like charity cases. They dont carry any weight nor say BUT they have exposed themselves for the entire Arab and Muslim world.

    Now tell us again how its Iran and Shia’s that is the threat — everyone has been vindicated and the fall out will be rightly deserved.

    Sunnis in particular will not be sitting this out. Now that the truth is revealed, Sunni Islam is being attacked from within and not by shias. Its been Shias this entire time warning them and they refuse to see the truth. Now they cannot deny it and now they will fully know just how deep this betrayal this goes.

    Keep in mind Yemenis are still dying and Saudi Arabia is more than happy to keep on killing sunnis.

    Now this stunt with Jerusalem? Saudi Arabia and the UAE are going to be isolated and Egypt wont stick around with them.

    They have no one to blame but themselves.

    • Vince Dhimos

      I hope you are right. Trump has miscalculated on all other foreign policy decisions. Let’s hope this is no different.

      • DEADP00L

        It’s not. All it’s done it taken off the masks and pulled the diplomatic curtain. Everything is getting exposed and there is no stopping it anymore. The 2SS was nothing but a front; I doubt it was EVER real and I doubt that any treaty much less agreement Palestinians ever signed would have ever been honored by Israel. It wont even honor Oslo and that is its own plan.