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Fatah to review Oslo accords

December 9, 2017 at 3:59 pm

Palestinian Fatah supporters take part in a rally in Gaza City on 11 November 2017 [Yasser Qudih/Apaimages]

In a comment on Trump’s decision about Jerusalem, a member of Fatah’s Central Committee has revealed that the Palestinian leadership is going to review the Oslo peace accords, Al-Resalah reported on Friday. Mohamed Ishtea pointed out that Jerusalem is one of the final status issues according to Oslo, but Trump’s announcement has taken it out of the context of the agreement.

“Negotiations in the current form became impossible because Jerusalem was isolated from the political track,” he added. “Trump’s administration has crossed all red lines and violated international resolutions and legitimacy. It is tightening the siege around the PLO to oblige it to go for an unacceptable political deal.”

Ishtea called for the borders of the Palestinian state to be drawn on the 1967 lines. “The EU, Russia and China,” he added, “also need to create an alternative political narrative to that of the United States.”

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While the international community has almost unanimously disagreed with Donald Trump’s announcement, reports suggest that the announcement was done with the pre-agreement of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, with the Saudi Arabia going as far as, allegedly, stating to the Palestinian President to accept a village on the outskirts of Jerusalem as the alternative Palestinian capital.

Since the announcement, Saudi Arabia’s royal court has sent notices to the nation’s media outlets to limit the airtime given to protests against Trump’s announcement.

Emboldened by Trump’s annoucement, Israeli housing Minister Yoav Galant decided on Friday to promote a plan to build 14,000 new settlement units in the occupied Jerusalem.

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