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Hamdeen Sabbahi calls for closing Israeli embassy in Egypt

December 11, 2017 at 9:29 am

Former Egyptian presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi said that the US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is “arrogance and aggression against international law”, Masr Al-Arabia reported yesterday.

He also said that this decision shows how much the US administration “disrespects” the Arabs and the principles of the Arab nations.

Speaking to the online news site, Sabbahi said:

The Arab regimes are weak and they were dragged in to and involved in sectarian hostilities in order to go far away from the real Israeli-Arab conflict.

The leftist Egyptian leader said that the US decision is a “test” for the Arab leaders. “Will they take the side of their nations and the side of Jerusalem or stand with the Americans and the Zionists?” he asked.

He also asked: “Will they commit to the previous Arab League decision which stipulates boycotting relations with any state that recognises Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist state?”

“I doubt that they will keep their word.”

If they did, however, he added, this would push Trump to “review” his recognition.

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About the measures needed to encounter the US decision, Sabbahi said: “A popular movement is needed… The suffering that the people felt was clear in their demonstrations which denounced the US decision.”

Sabbahi hopes that the popular movements revive the spirit of “resistance” and start boycotting US products, undermine American interests and reinforce the anti-normalisation mode.

He noted that everyone should be involved in the popular movements.

He added that the Israeli embassy in Cairo should be closed and normalisation with Tel Aviv should come to an end after it became very clear that “there is no real peace”.