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Saudi Arabia seeks arrest of citizens on wanted list who are abroad

Flag of Saudi Arabia [File photo]
Flag of Saudi Arabia [File photo]

The Public Prosecutor in Saudi Arabia has revealed that arrest warrants are being prepared for Saudi citizens on the wanted list who are currently abroad, Alkhaleejonline.net reported on Friday. The move is part of the Kingdom’s anti-corruption campaign.

The Saudi official also pointed out that a few of those being held on corruption charges are still refusing to reconcile with the government. He told a Saudi magazine that their detention would not stop unless the country uproots corruption.

“We are collecting evidence against the fugitives abroad,” said the prosecutor. Arrest warrants, he explained, will be sent to the countries where the fugitives are known to be staying in order to seek their extradition.

All Saudis facing corruption charges will be given fair trials, he concluded. Lawyers will be able to represent them during the investigations and trials.

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