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Military leak reveals details of Anan's files outside Egypt

February 14, 2018 at 2:13 am

Former Egyptian Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Sami Anan (C) delivers a speech in Cairo, Egypt on 13 March 2014 [Mohammed Bendari/Apaimages]

High-level military sources have revealed new information about detained former Egyptian Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Sami Anan. Adviser Hisham Genena, former head of Egypt’s Central Auditing Organisation made announcements regarding key documents he claims are outside of Egypt.

The sources confirmed that “what Genena talked about were not documents in the literal sense, but rather a collection of videotapes, that were recorded from inside the General Command of the Armed Forces.”

All meetings of the Armed Forces Command in Egypt are recorded in videos, and Anan, who was then Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, had access to those videos, according to HuffPost.

The sources, which, according to HuffPost were inside the General Command of the Egyptian army, added that “Anan kept for himself a copy of videos he selected, which contain quarrels and wrangling between members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces  as well as talks about many of their financial matters.

The leak shows that Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the former Egyptian defence minister, is present in all of those videos with his voice clear while talking about investments and financial activities related to members of Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

The leak indicates that the political aspect of these videos includes the truth of Maspero incident of October 2011, during which dozens of Copts were killed, and after which the charges even reached the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces during the revolution of January 25, 2011, with full responsibility for the massacre.

According to a military source, who declined to be named for the sensitivity of his position, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, during visit to Egypt last Sunday and Monday, sought to reconcile the two parties, Anan on the one hand, and el-Sisi and the army leaders on the other.

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The source added that “Anan is greatly holding to his opinion, and is asking for a huge compensation which cannot be approved by the other party.”

Genena described what is in the possession of the Chief of the General Staff as “amazing,” since it will change the course of trials against Muslim Brotherhood leaders and condemn many people in power. He called upon the Egyptians to wake up and fight for their freedom.

In an exclusive interview with HuffPost, last Sunday, Genena warned against the possibility of Anan being subjected to an assassination attempt, as was the case with Lieutenant General Abdel Hakim Amer, the Egyptian defence minister from 1954 to 1967. He warned at the same time, that in case something happens to him, the dangerous files, which Anan owns and keeps with people outside Egypt, will show up.

As for the nature of these files, which he described as a “well of secrets”, he said that they reveal “the real upheavals the Egyptian society has witnessed since 25 January, until now, including facts about the events of Mohamed Mahmoud Street (a massacre which took place in central Cairo, during which dozens of people were killed).

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What is surprising is that these documents reveal the truth of the third party that has committed many political crimes in Egypt following the revolution of 25 January, including the assassination of Emad Effat (Islamic cleric at al-Azhar Mosque), as well as the overthrow of Mubarak, the assassination attempt on Omar Suleiman (the deceased director of the General Intelligence), the hidden truth about the events of June 30, and the following crimes.”

Shortly before, the Egyptian authorities arrested Hisham Genena, after an official statement by the army to refer him to the investigation, and a campaign against him by media close to the sovereign authorities in the country, during which they accused him of “treason and damage to the national security of the country.” This arrest comes along with a military decision to confiscate the properties of Anan and his family.