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Algerian activist rules out war with Morocco over support for Western Sahara

April 17, 2018 at 4:37 am

Algerian writer and human rights activist, Anwar Malek has ruled out the possibility of war between Algeria and Morocco over the recent escalations between Rabat and the Polisario in the buffer zone.

Malek said in an interview with Quds Press that “the recent media and political debate between Moroccan and Sahrawi officials or between Moroccan and Algerian officials over Algiers support for the Polisario do not amount to war”.

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“The war between Morocco and the Polisario is not in the interest of either of them or in the interest of Algeria, and the major powers related to the region’s countries mainly France do not accept war” he said.

Malek pointed out that “the recent escalations in the buffer zone by the Polisario and Morocco are related to the new UN envoy for Western Sahara, Horst Kohler schedule to submit his first periodic report of his first tour to the region” end of April.


“The shortest way to end the Sahara conflict is to create a democratic way that enables the Sahrawis to talk about the existing proposals” Malek said.

The UN envoy to Western Sahara, Horst Kohler concluded his first tour to the region during which he met with all parties to the conflict and listened to their views.