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Muslim Salafist leader says Mo Salah may not break his fast for final game

Mohamed Salah, Egyptian footballer [Mohamed Salah/Facebook]
Mohamed Salah, Egyptian footballer [Mohamed Salah/Facebook]

The vice president of the Salafi Dawah group, Yasser Borhami said according to Islamic Sharia law, Liverpool forward, Mohamed Salah cannot break his fasting during the Champions League final match which will take place on May, 26 the first week of the Muslims Holy month of Ramadan.

Borahmi said in a statement that the Quran did not say that football players do not have to fast, explaining that football as a sport does not fall into the category of hard work, which allows Muslims to break their fast in Ramadan.

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Mohamed Salah prepares for the Champions League final match against Spanish Real Madrid on May 26 in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.

The game will be held in the first week of Ramadan, after an hour of breakfast, which means that Salah will be very exhausted and may not perform well in the game in case he decided to fast.


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