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Israel Police did nothing to prevent killing of Arab sisters

Noura and Hayat Molouk

According to information available police did noting to prevent a the double murder of two sisters committed by their 28-year-old brother in Jaffa at dawn on Thursday.

The main suspect is said to have stabbed his two sisters, Noura Molouk, 21, and the 19-year-old Hayat, to death for allegedly damaging the so-called “family honour”. The crime took place in the apartment that included 13 people on Baruch Crow Street, which they inhabited almost a year after coming from the West Bank.

“I haven’t done anything to prevent the killing. Why shall I interfere? I saw my brother doing this,” one member of the family was quoted as saying..

The suspects brother told his neighbours the two had been killed because of the so-called “honour of the family.” He allegedly claimed that the crime was because “recently I could not walk down the street due to people who looked at us with contempt for our sisters’ deeds. My brother did what he had to do and restored the respect to the family!”

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The hideous crime was carried out on the third floor of an 8-storey building. The signs of violence and the effects of stabs and blood were clear on the bodies of the two victims.

Police arrested the suspect who apparently psychological problems in the past and police officers took the family out of the apartment.

A number of neighbours said that “the crime was only a matter of time.” The Helmish Company of the Tel Aviv municipality has forced 13 people, young children, men and women, into three rooms.

A female neighbour claimed:  “We heard screams coming out of the family apartment all the time. There were problems and violence all the time. We told the police and Helmish Company, but they said there was nothing to be done. The social welfare department of the Tel Aviv municipality did not solve the problem and ignored it. It was clear to us that this would end with a murder.”

Others said that “the family members decorated the apartment with Ramadan decorations and we did not hear a scream. We were surprised when the police and ambulance crews arrived.”

The bodies were transferred to the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute. The police also began investigating and collecting evidence from the scene of the crime. It did not rule out that the economic distress and overcrowding in the apartment had caused strife and tension among the family, although the brother had previously been convicted twice of threatening his sister.

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