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Polisario military parade near separation wall

Polisario troops in Western Sahara [Defensionem/Facebook]

The Polisario Front held military ceremonies in the Tifariti area east of the separation wall to mark the “45th anniversary of the outbreak of the armed struggle”, Sunday. These took place in the presence of the leader of the Front, Secretary General Ibrahim Ghali.

Ghali stressed that they have won successive and numerous victories in recent years, “which strengthened the status of the Sahrawi State within the African Union,” with the return of Morocco to the continental organization, according to the Sahrawi News Agency, which is affiliated to the Front.

The Front leader called on the UN Security Council to take the necessary steps and measures to put an end to Morocco’s behaviour, which he described as irresponsible. He also warned of the consequences that may result from it.

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Ghali condemned the attempt of some European parties to circumvent European judicial decisions and seek to sign a maritime fishing agreement with the Kingdom of Morocco, including the territorial waters of Western Sahara, in a flagrant violation of the spirit and letter of the European Court of Justice’s resolution.

He reaffirmed the willingness of the Polisario Front to open a serious and responsible dialogue with the Commission of the European Union, in conformity with international law, international humanitarian law and European law.

Tifariti region is located on the Moroccan-Algerian border and was occupied by Morocco until 1991, before it was handed over by the Kingdom to the United Nations Mission in the Sahara in order to arrange a cease-fire agreement.

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