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UN official: Syria’s reconstruction could take half a century

Smoke rises after Assad Regime carried out an airstrike at Duma town of Eastern Ghouta in Damascus, Syria on April 07, 2018 [Mouneb Taim / Anadolu Agency]
Damaged buildings are seen after the Assad Regime carried out an air strike in Syria on 7 April 2018 [Mouneb Taim / Anadolu Agency]

The United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng, said Wednesday that reconstructing Syria could take up to more than half a century.

Speaking to reporters at the UN headquarters in New York, Dieng warned that the Syrian regime is using the war on terror to kill its own people.

Adama Dieng expressed hope that the Syrians will be able to achieve reconciliation based on citizenship and not on religious or ethnic affiliations.

“I hope that we do not see Shia, Sunnis or Alawites, but see Syrians working together for their country” he said.

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Remarking on his position on the recent agreement reached by Turkey and Russia on Idlib, Dieng said “we welcome the agreement, and hope that all parties can respect it”.

He also expressed hope that everyone would commit to preventing atrocities and genocide in Syria.

On Monday Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a deal to establish a demilitarised zone between the Syrian regime forces and the opposition in Idlib.

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