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Exiled Saudi prince calls on King Salman to hand over to more popular family member

Exiled Saudi prince, Khaled Bin Farhan [Twitter]
Exiled Saudi prince, Khaled Bin Farhan [Twitter]

An exiled Saudi Arabian prince has called upon King Salman to step down in favour of a more popular member of the royal family than Mohammad Bin Salman, the current Crown Prince. Khaled Bin Farhan told German news network DW said that the Kingdom does not have to be ruled by those in the current monarch’s line of descent.

“All your brothers are kings,” said Bin Farhan addressing King Salman directly, “and you became a king, and there is no condition [stipulating] that you hand over power to one of your grandsons.”

He added that the ruling family has many princes who have the potential to be kings thanks to their education and manners, as well as their popularity within the House of Saud. He mentioned Prince Ahmed Bin Abdel Aziz by way of example. Handing power to someone like Prince Ahmed would, he concluded, be popular with the Saudi people.

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