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Investigations reveal the fate of Gaddafi's billions which have vanished in Belgium

On Monday, a Belgian TV channel unveiled the investigations conducted by the Belgian Attorney-General, Georges Gilkinet, over the disappearance of billions of Euros from the accounts of Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in Belgian banks.

According to RTBF, Gilkinet stated that "There has been an extensive investigation into the disappearance of billions of Euros from accounts belonging to Gaddafi in Belgium, in addition to the UN inquiry regarding the case." Thus, the Attorney-General added that "about five billion Euros, the equivalent of $5.6 billion, have vanished from Belgian banks."

Georges Gilkinet asserted that "the investigation shall be continued and the Belgian government will be required to provide solid clarifications regarding the matter," noting that "the Belgian government has not complied with the UN resolution to freeze Libyan assets, especially those belonging to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi", according to Sputnik News.

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Similarly, Gilkinet confirmed that "The information we have about what happened is not complete. However, we demand the government to explain the situation to avoid a massive scandal." He continued: "All we know that hundreds of millions of Euros were transferred from Gaddafi's bank accounts to unidentified individuals and destinations inside Libya."

The Belgian TV station quoted a source, who refused to be identified, saying that the vast amounts of cash had been used to fuel Libya's civil war for the past seven years. The source highlighted that "The UN report also illustrated the possibility that Gaddafi's money was sent to armed groups in Libya, which could have led to destabilising the region even further."

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