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Report: 23 detainees killed in UAE-run prisons in Yemen

January 21, 2019 at 12:13 pm

An inmate looks out of his prison cell in UAE [Abbtakk/Facebook]

Al-Khaleej Online reported that it had obtained a document revealing that as many as 23 Yemeni detainees had been executed in secret prisons run by the UAE in the southern Yemeni city of Aden.

In a letter sent by detainees at Bir Ahmed Prison to Yemeni Interior Minister Ahmed Al-Maisari said the prisoners had been killed in Shallal, Abu Al-Yamamah, Saleh Al-Sayyid, Yasran, Bir Ahmed Al-Qadim and Mansoura prisons.

In another handwritten document, the detainees revealed that 23 detainees are missing in the prisons of Shallal, Abu Al-Yamamah, Yasran, Saleh Al-Sayyid and Al-Tahalof.

According to the document, as many as 26 detainees from the National Army and Popular Resistance Forces are detained in Bir Ahmed prison.

The detainees explained to the interior minister that they had been on hunger strike for four weeks without any response to their demands and held him responsible for anything that happens to them because he is in charge of prisoner affairs.

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