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Algeria: Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate attacks Saudi Arabia and UAE

February 20, 2019 at 2:54 am

Abderrazak Makri, the Head of the Algerian Movement for a Society of Peace (MSP), has attacked Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for their alleged role in what is known as the “Deal of the Century” which aims at crashing the Palestinian cause.

Makri, who is running for office in Algeria, stated that “Saudi Arabia is exploiting its influence and connections to enforce the Deal of the Century and normalise relations with the Zionist entity, while the UAE is concocting the scheme with the occupation state to concretise such plot.”

He added: “normalisation will never see the light as long as the Arab nations are conscious of the Palestinian cause and reject Israel. The Zionist entity knows perfectly well that there is no hope for survival unless the Arabs accept it, and this will never happen. However, the Arab regimes which attempt to normalise with Israel are seeking to preserve their thrones and steal the wealth of the nation. As such, the occupation state will never benefit from these efforts eventually. ”

Makri explained that “the history of normalisation with the occupation state indicated that at no point of time, what so ever, the normalisation was beneficial for any country that has developed relations with Israel”.

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He added that “Egypt, which could have been better than European countries, is currently at its worst condition because the Egyptian state had begun the normalisation trend through the Camp David crime.”

He pointed out that “Jordan, which also had normalised relations with the occupation state lives on aids, and it is considered as a weak and fragile country.”

The Algerian presidential candidate fore-grounded the official position of the Algerian state and people on the absolute rejection of normalisation with the Zionist occupation.

He stressed that “there are Zionist breakthroughs in the Arab countries and an attempt to exploit the difficult conditions of the region to expand the Zionist influence. However, the Algerian stance is consistent against normalisation.”

In another context, Makri explained that there are hints, spreading in the country, about some attempts to prevent the Islamic party from ruling Algeria, highlighting that “his party’s immunity is derived from the Algerian people’s awareness of these conspiracies.”

In recent days, Algeria has been witnessing limited demonstrations against the candidacy of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika for a fifth term in the elections scheduled for April the 18th. However, several calls for a protest next Friday are anonymously circulated through social media platforms.