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Sudan denies hosting Muslim Brotherhood members

Flags of Egypt and Sudan [Qudspress]
Flags of Egypt and Sudan [Qudspress]

Sudanese National Security and Intelligence Service (NSIS) yesterday denied the presence of Egyptian regime opponents in Sudan, who were said to be threatening Egypt’s national security.

“The Sudanese authorities firmly deal with any information related to threatening the Egyptian security.” NSIS’s head of the press and information department, Mohammad Hamed Tbeidi, said during a conference held in the capital of Khartoum on the Sudanese-Egyptian relations.

“Any problem reported in the media is being dealt with seriously,” Tbeidi reiterated, noting that both Egypt and Sudan were having “a political will to resolve any threat they face.”

The Egyptian Consul General in Khartoum, Ahmed Adly, said that his country wanted Sunda’s “unity, security and stability,” calling on the media in Egypt and Sudan “to assume their role in raising awareness of the importance of strategic relations between the two countries.”

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Adly stressed preventing what he described as “minor personal differences between the Egyptian and Sudanese people.”

Egyptian media accuses Khartoum of harbouring members of the Muslim Brotherhood group, which has been classified by the state authorities as a “terror group” since December 2013. Sudan denies the accusations, saying that the Egyptian government were supporting rebel movements in the African country.

Since protests in Sudan broke out on 19 December, Egypt has been supporting the country’s regime, led by Omar Al-Bashir, in an attempt to help Khartoum to overcome its political and economic crisis. The two countries have long been in a standoff over the disputed “Halayeb Triangle,” – 20,580-kilometre area on the Red Sea currently controlled by Egypt – which they both claim sovereignty over. In January, Sudan renewed a complaint to the United Nations (UN), calling on Egypt to hand over the disputed area.

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