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Ben Ali on top of inauguration of Innovation Fair in Tunisia, amid rising controversy

Former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali

Former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who was ousted by a popular revolution in 2011, has participated in the 36th session of Innovation Fair of handicrafts in the capital Tunis with a book containing a part of his speeches.

Visitors of the fair were surprised to read quotes from a previous speech delivered by Ben Ali in a book distributed by the officials of the Tunisian Handicrafts Office (affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism) and entitled "Traditions and Artistic Crafts from Tunisia". This book has raised controversy on social media websites.

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While some activists underestimated the importance of the matter, others have launched an attack on the Fair administration, considering that the distribution of the book, which contains a big picture of Ben Ali, as a "conspiracy by the regime" against the revolution.

Ben Ali is currently living in Saudi Arabia after leaving the country in mid-January 2011, following the popular revolution that overthrew his rule.


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