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US Supreme court acquits Sudan of links to attack on USS Cole

MV Blue Marlin carrying USS Cole
MV Blue Marlin carrying USS Cole [Wikipedia]

American Supreme Court yesterday acquitted Sudan regarding paying compensation to US sailors injured in the 2000 attack on the destroyer USS Cole off the coast of Yemen, Anadolu Agency reported.

The news agency reported CNN saying that the ruling abolishes a previous decision made by a lower court in 2012 which gave the injured sailors the right to claim compensation worth $314.7 million from Sudan over the attack.

The sailors argued that Sudan was to blame for the alleged Al-Qaeda attack because it harboured the late Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

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Sudan has several times denied any relationship with Al-Qaeda or the attack on the USS Cole.

According to CNN, the administration of the current US President Donald Trump supported the Sudanese stance.

Seventeen American sailors were killed in the attack and scores were wounded.

The wounded and families of the dead filed a complaint to an American court in 2010 claiming compensation for the attack.

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