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Ex-Jordan minister: Tunisia Ghannouchi’s road to power ‘open but not safe’

Leader of Tunisia’s Ennahda Party, Rachid Ghannouchi [file photo]
Leader of Tunisia’s Ennahda Party, Rachid Ghannouchi [file photo]

Former Jordanian information minister Saleh Al-Qallab said the road of Tunisia’s Ennahda Party co-founder Rachid Al-Ghannouchi to power is “open” but is “not safe”.

In an article published in Saudi’s Al-Riyadh newspaper, Al-Qallab said after the splitting of Tunisia’s ruling Nidaa Tounes, Al-Ghannouchi’s road to power is clear but not safe.

The route is dangerous because the Ennahda party is accused of involvement in “terrorism and political assassinations” including the assassination of opposition leader, Chokri Belaïd, the Jordanian said.

Ennahda’s Shura Council recently held a meeting to discuss the general situation in the country and preparations for the legislative and presidential elections expected to take place at the end of the year.

Although Ennahda announced that it is interested in participating in the upcoming presidential elections, it is not clear if it will nominate Al-Ghannouchi to run for president.

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