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Israel arrested 905 Palestinians in March, April

Palestinians take part during a protest against the administrative detention, in front of Red Cross office in Gaza city on 22 February 2018. [Ashraf Amra]

In a joint report, a number of rights revealed yesterday that the Israeli occupation arrested 905 Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip in March and April, Safa news agency reported.

Administrative Detention

    It is the arrest and detention of individuals by the state without charge or trial. It is applicable on a renewable six-month term.

The groups, including the PLO's Prisoners and Freed Prisoners Club and Al-Dameer, said in a statement that the 905 prisoners included 133 children and 23 women.

Meanwhile, they revealed that the Israeli occupation authorities issued 112 detention orders over the same period.

In addition, they stated that there around 250 Palestinian children and 45 women inside Israeli jails.

They also noted that the total number of Palestinian prisoners reached 5,700, including around 500 under administrative detention.

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