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Saudi orders journalist delete Twitter account after insulting female presenter

July 18, 2019 at 2:43 pm

Muna Abu Sulayman, a Saudi TV presenter

A Saudi court ordered a journalist to delete his Twitter account after he harshly criticised a female, Saudi TV presenter.

Muthieb Al-Matriffi posted an apology to Muna Abu Sulayman on his Twitter account.

Abu Sulayman had filed a complaint against Al-Matriffi, accusing him of insulting her on Twitter.

Following the court ruling, she thanked the Saudi authorities and announcing that she withdrew the complaint she had filed earlier in a Riyadh court to spare Al-Matriffi any harsh punishment, adding that she finds the ruling for his Twitter account to be deleted, along with the apology he made, to be satisfactory measures “in return for the harm and libel that me and my family were subjected to.”

Abu Sulayman said that her decision to withdraw the complaint came after the mediation of friends and because of her understanding that Al-Matriffi could be badly affected by harsher verdicts.

The dispute between Al-Matriffi and Abu Sulayman began a year ago, when he questioned her patriotism and accused her of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

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