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Israel to energy company: Palestinian homes to be demolished

The occupying forces are launching demolitions for 16 commercial shops in the Shuafat camp in occupied Jerusalem [WafaNews]

Israeli occupation forces stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque on Wednesday and were stationed at the entrance to Bab Al-Rahma while settlers renewed their incursions into the Muslim holy site.

Eyewitnesses told the Jordan-based newspaper Addustour that members of Israeli occupation's intelligence were present at the stairs leading to Bab Al-Rahma.

Seven Jewish students and 36 settlers stormed the mosque's courtyards through the Mughrabi Gate, they added.

Occupation forces also demolished two commercial facilities in occupied Beit Hanina and Sur Baher in Jerusalem, Addustour reported.

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Hamada Hamada, the head of Wadi Al-Homs district committee, said that the occupation army's deadline for the residents of the Wadi Al-Homs neighbourhood to demolish their residential facilities ended yesterday, pointing out that the Israeli occupation authorities informed the electricity company of its intention to demolish the houses. No details were given as to when this would take place.

There was a state of anxiety, tension and instability in the Wadi Al-Homs neighbourhood as the Israeli army's deadline loomed. The neighbourhood's residents expressed their refusal to demolish their homes under any circumstances despite the Israeli threat of imposing costly demolition fees on them.

The residents added that they built their houses after obtaining building permits from the Palestinian Ministry of Local Government, as their homes are located in "Area A" of the occupied West Bank, which is exclusively administered by the Palestinian Authority according to the Oslo Accords.

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