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Sudanese Professionals Association: ‘We will not participate in Sovereign Council and Cabinet in interim period’

August 9, 2019 at 5:40 am

Demonstrators protest against fatal shooting that left five child protesters dead in the central city of Al-Obeid, on 30 July 2019 in Khartoum, Sudan [Ömer Erdem/Anadolu Agency]

The Sudanese Professionals Association said on Wednesday that it does not intend to participate in the transitional authority at the sovereign and executive levels (the Sovereign Council and the Cabinet).

This came in a statement issued by the Association, a leading force in the protest movement.

The Association added that it intends to participate in the legislative authority “as an independent regulatory authority.”

It further explained that its participation in the Legislative Council is as “a watchdog and a guard.” Moreover, it requires full independence from any influences that may affect its role as a support for the people.

Last Sunday, the Military Council and the Forces of Freedom and Change, the leader of the popular movement, signed in initials the “Constitutional Declaration” document, under the African Union mediation.

The two sides agreed on a timetable for a 39-month transition period during which they would share power, and that will end with elections.

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The two parties are expected to sign a final agreement on the “Constitutional Declaration” document on 17 August.

The document stipulated that the Legislative Council should be composed of 67 members from the Forces of Declaration of Freedom and Change and 33 other members from political forces that participated in the revolution but did not sign the Declaration of Freedom and Change.

On 17 July, the Military Council and the Forces of Change signed a “Political Declaration” agreement on power-sharing during the transitional phase.

The agreement provided for the formation of the Council of Sovereignty of 11 members: five soldiers chosen by the Military Council, five civilians selected by the Forces of Change, in addition to a civilian figure chosen by consensus between the two sides; and the Forces of Freedom and Change can choose the prime minister.

One of the soldiers will head the Sovereignty Council for 21 months starting from the date of signing the agreement, followed by the presidency of a civilian member for the remaining 18 months of the transitions period (39 months).