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Al-Sarraj: ‘We will defeat the assault on Tripoli and bring those responsible to Justice'

September 2, 2019 at 1:35 am

Chairman of the Presidential Council of Libya and Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord of Libya Fayez Al-Sarraj on 7 December 2017 [Cüneyt Karadağ/Anadolu Agency]

The President of the Presidential Council of the internationally recognised Government of National Accord, Fayez Al-Sarraj, said Saturday, that he is determined to defeat the assault on the capital Tripoli and to bring those responsible for serious violations to justice. The blood of the martyrs will not go in vain, he insisted

Al-Sarraj’s statements came during his meeting with a group of elites and political, cultural and social events intended to formulate a shared national vision that will enable the country to overcome the current crisis.

Al-Sarraj added that the country is going through a pivotal phase and is witnessing an internal conflict fuelled by external greed and agendas.

He said that in the light of this conflict, Libya would either become a democratic, stable and pluralistic state or a totalitarian dictatorship. There is no place for military rule, nor will we allow armed formations to take control over state institutions and repeat the mistakes of the past.

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Al-Sarraj called on the attendees to “provide their views and perceptions of practical and logical solutions that do not ignore the ongoing regional and international developments. We must not wait for ready models prepared abroad, but we must be ready with our national project.”

Al-Sarraj pointed out to the initiative he put forward in June, which can be concluded in “the holding of a forum that brings together all Libyans who have not shed blood, or committed violations and war crimes, believe in the civil state and reject the militarization of the state, and making this forum a prelude for presidential and legislative elections.”

Al-Sarraj also pointed out that this meeting marks the beginning of a series of similar encounters with a common national goal.

The statement said that the attendees “presented ideas and visions that influenced the dialogue, as they were characterised by honesty and transparency and had many common points that constitute, in total, a model for a national project, which all Libyans would feel part of, and would look forward to the future of Libya and the elements of the desired state.”

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Since 4 April, the capital Tripoli (west), the premises of the internationally recognised Government of National Accord has been subject to an armed assault from Haftar’s forces.

After that date, which was one week before a UN-sponsored Libyan national meeting to resolve the Libyan crisis, things in Libya have become more complicated as all initiatives to resolve the crisis have failed.