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Nobel Peace laureate: Yemenis will end Saudi Arabia, UAE 'occupations'

Yemen's Nobel Peace Laureate activist Tawakkol Karman has said her country has almost succeeded in forcing out what she called the "Emirati occupation", and it remains determined to do the same with Saudi Arabia.

The solution to the country's crisis, she explained, lies in "getting rid of the Saudi tutelage" and "expelling it" from the country.

She added that the intervention of both countries in Yemen is an "occupation and guardianship". Her message come as reports surfaced about a possible deal between the internationally backed Yemeni government in Aden and UAE forces which would see the Emirates withdraw its troops.

"Just as we forced the UAE occupation to almost withdraw from the country, we will force the Saudi occupation as well and expel it from Yemen. We will not only do that, but our people will regain the historical rights seized by bullying and corrupt deals with the deposed Ali Saleh and his former regime," she said.

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