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Gantz backs assassinations and attacks on Gaza

November 4, 2019 at 9:47 am

Leader of the Blue and White political alliance, former chief of staff of the Israeli army, Benny Gantz speaks to his supporters during the final stage of his election campaign in Tel Aviv, Israel, 15 September 2019. [Faiz Abu Rmeleh – Anadolu Agency]

The leader of Israel’s Blue and White Party has called for a new round of military offensives against the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip, reported on Sunday. Benny Gantz also wants a return to the assassination of Palestinian leaders.

“A government led by me will not bear a threat against the residents in the south and will not accept undermining Israel’s sovereignty,” Gantz wrote on Twitter. “We will return deterrence with any cost, even if we are obliged to kill those who lead the escalations.” He added that he will back any policy which adopts a strict and responsible response aiming to bring lasting calm for the residents in the south of Israel. “This is our commitment for them.”

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According to at least one member of the Israeli cabinet, a new offensive on Gaza is inevitable. “But Israel is weighing the appropriate time,” said Yoav Galant.

However, Israeli TV Channel 11 reported that the cabinet, which convened on Sunday, decided that there would be no more measures against Gaza and this “wave of escalation was ended.” Hamas and Islamic Jihad, it added, are not interested in any escalation, as it might affect the flow of aid from Qatar.

The cabinet also discussed an assassination policy, but could not agree about how this would affect the Palestinians and whether it would be a deterrent or not, so it was not approved.