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Palestinian prisoner has a child through smuggled sperm

Prisoner Rizk Bahaa Ali Al-Haroub,35, from Dersamet town in the Hebron Governorate, south of the occupied West Bank, has had a new baby through smuggling his semen outside the Israeli occupation prisons.

Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails Bahaa Lahroub

Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails Bahaa Lahroub

Al-Haroub was arrested about ten years ago and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails are recently smuggling sperm out of the prisons. Many of them serving out lengthy prison terms had children while they are being held in jails in Israel.

The occupation authorities have repeatedly tried to prevent the smuggling of sperm and have imposed various measures and sanctions on prisoners, which have all failed to prevent the phenomenon.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners' Centre for Studies, to date, 50 children have been born after sperm was smuggled out of Israeli prisons.

"Twenty-three prisoners had attempted to reproduce through the smuggling of sperm by the beginning of 2015, and they had 30 children," the centre's spokesperson, Riyad Al-Ashqar, said today. He added: "This number rose at the beginning of 2016 to 28 prisoners who had 38 children. The number rose to reach 39 prisoners who had 50 children."

Al-Ashqar said: "This reflects a moral victory for the prisoners and shows their strong will and hope, which will never fade nor disappear. They have overcome all walls, borders and barbed wire, despite the harshness of prison guards, the difficult circumstances and the long years that have passed without freedom."

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