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Royal Jordanian resumes flights between Amman and Baghdad

Royal Jordanian Airlines on 29 September 2012 [Wikipedia]
Royal Jordanian Airlines on 29 September 2012 [Wikipedia]

Royal Jordanian Airlines announced yesterday that it was resuming its flights between Amman and the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The national carrier of Jordan suspended flights to the Iraqi capital on Friday but maintained its other flights to the cities of Basra, Erbil, Najaf and Sulaimaniya.

The company’s decision came after the assassination of Iran’s Quds Force Commander, Qassem Soleimani, in an American drone strike near Baghdad International Airport.

Tensions in the region have increased since Soleimani was targeted with Iraq’s Parliament on Sunday calling on all foreign forces to leave the country. US President Donald Trump has warned that, should American troops be forced out, Baghdad will be charged for the military bases in the country and sanctions will be imposed on it.

Trump has no idea what he has done by killing Soleimani

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