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Iraq's Judicial Council rejects Al-Zurufi's appointment as 'unconstitutional'

Adnan al-Zurufi, new Iraqi PM-designate [Twitter]
Adnan al-Zurufi, new Iraqi PM-designate [Twitter]

The Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq has disputed the appointment of lawmaker Adnan Al-Zurufi as Prime Minister-designate to form a transitional government on the grounds that the president has no constitutional right to appoint him.

The Iraqi Federal Court ruled earlier that President Barham Salhi is entitled to appoint a candidate for prime minister after former Prime Minister-designate Mohammad Tawfiq Allawi withdrew his candidacy.

However, the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Fayeq Zeidan, said in a statement that the president does not have the powers to delegate Al-Zurufi.

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He explained that according to the Iraqi constitution, the president does not have the power to appoint a candidate, without the approval of his/ her parliamentary bloc.

However, legal expert Tariq Harb told Arabi21 that the Supreme Judicial Council objection is merely an "opinion" and it does not invalidate the Federal Court's decision.

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