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Libya: Turkey warship fires missiles on sites controlled by Haftar militias

Libyan Army forces attend "Operation Peace Storm" of the Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) against the forces of warlord Khalifa Haftar in Tripoli, Libya on 27 March 2020. [Amru Salahuddien - Anadolu Agency]
Libyan Army forces in Tripoli, Libya on 27 March 2020 [Amru Salahuddien/Anadolu Agency]

According to Libyan news sources, a Turkish warship has fired missiles in the south of the city of Al-Ajaylat, west of the Libyan capital of Tripoli.

A Libyan news website reported that rockets fired by a Turkish warship from the sea fell in the agricultural area of ​​Dhahra, on the outskirts of the army-held city of Al-Ajaylat, which is under the control of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

Local news websites suggested that the Turkish warship may have intended to target Al-Watiya Air Force Base, which is located in the south. However, the missiles were aimed and fired in the wrong direction.

Libyan newspaper Al-Marsad quoted a spokesman for the General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Major General Ahmed Al-Mesmari, stating that a Turkish warship had fired rockets from the sea in the Al-Ajaylat area without casualties.

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