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Did the coronavirus' message reach global titans?

An aerial view shows an empty white-tiled area surrounding the Kaaba, due to the coronavirus pandemic in Makkah's Grand Mosque on 6 March 2020P [BANDAR ALDANDANI/AFP/Getty Images]
An aerial view shows an empty white-tiled area surrounding the Kaaba, due to the coronavirus pandemic in Makkah's Grand Mosque on 6 March 2020P [BANDAR ALDANDANI/AFP/Getty Images]

Some have compared what the coronavirus caused in the world to a mini version of the Day of Judgement, where people flee from their brothers, mothers, fathers, partners, children and the community that shelters him. Those infected by coronavirus are isolated far from everyone and people run away from them, even those closest to them. They refuse to have one last moment with them and they are not buried in the family grave. Everyone wants to save themselves and this is reflected in the Quranic verse: "Every man that Day will have enough to make him careless of others."

People are separated and the ties of affection and mercy have been broken. The mosques are without rows of worshippers, the Kabbah is without people performing tawaf, streets are empty, and parks are missing the smiles of children. Everyone is staying at home, terrified of sneezes and coughs passing from here or there.

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In a scene from a mini Judgement Day, coronavirus has emptied the world of its inhabitants, while on the scarier day, the Day of Resurrection, the world will become crowded and people will be standing side by side in rows before God.

This raises the question: Have people learned anything from this mini Judgement Day? Prepared themselves for it? Made themselves better, and made amends with others in order to face the actual Day of Judgement? Did they turn to Allah, as they have no one to turn to but Him? Did the titans of the earth back down from their oppression of human beings, repent and restore the rights of the people?

Unfortunately, the people have not yet woken up. Despite the calls that have filled the universe, they have not made amends with each other or with God. They have not tried to understand the circumstances they are living, although coronavirus has given them a chance for reflection and meditation in order to purge their hearts before their hands and to purify their homes with prayer before rushing to buy sanitising products. What is the point of your homes being clean when your heart is full of dirt? They have understood corona as a disease, but not as a calling from God to the straight path.

Trump, the president of the largest and most powerful country in the world, was powerless against a tiny little microscopic virus, despite possessing the largest arsenal of weapons in the world. However, this did not help him eliminate this virus. He found no escape or exit other than resorting to God, praying that God protects American and inviting the Americans to pray that God eliminates the virus. Meanwhile, he continues to support tyrants and does evil.

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At a time when Trump turned to God to save him from coronavirus, while he is the head of a secular state, we find Arab secularists swallowing their tongues and not uttering a single word against this behaviour. This is despite the fact that they unleash their tongues, cursing and insulting Muslims who do so, accusing them of backwardness and ignorance!

As for the Arab tyrannical rulers, the scene of the mini Judgement Day did not affect them one bit. They did not turn to God and adjust their behaviour. Instead, they escaped their weakness in the face of the coronavirus by bullying their people. They became even more tyrannical and unjust against their people. They refused to release prisoners who are detained unjustly, and even went as far as arresting even more innocent people and throwing them behind bars in inhumane prisons!

Inmates are seen inside an Egyptian prison on 19 November 2019 [MOHAMED EL-SHAHED/AFP/Images]

Inmates are seen inside an Egyptian prison on 19 November 2019 [MOHAMED EL-SHAHED/AFP/Images]

The coronavirus came to expose people as being weak and fragile. Despite this, they walk the earth arrogantly, exercising oppression, injustice and tyranny. They enslaved their fellow humans and now the coronavirus has come to shake the ground beneath their feet.

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After many countries in the West bragged about possessing moral values ​​and presented themselves as models of civilisation compared to the underdeveloped third world countries, once the virus hit, they began acting like bandits when met with shipments of surgical masks. They attacked convoys carrying medical masks for other countries, looting and confiscating them in a scene that stripped them of the masks of morality and ethics as they give in to human weakness.

Coronavirus is a grace from God for humans, as it led to people realising how fragile and weak they are, shrinking them back to their normal size. They realised that no matter how powerful or knowledgeable they are, this power and strength comes from God. It is a great blessing for people to turn back to God and strengthen their beliefs, allowing them to change themselves, their behaviour, and how they treat people after learning major lessons from coronavirus.

Has the message of the virus reached all human beings or are they still waiting for a new and more severe coronavirus? The world means less than the wing of a mosquito to God, but for tyrants and many people it means everything and they wish they could live 1,000 years so they can continue their acts of tyranny, injustice and theft of people. They do not know that after these 1,000 years, they will return to their creator on the real Day of Judgement, the mini version of which created by the coronavirus terrifies them.

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