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Israel army publishes video of Syria and Hezbollah leaders in Golan Heights

April 11, 2020 at 1:05 pm

Israeli soldiers can be seen during a military drill in Golan Heights on 1 May 2018 [Jaala Mareya/AFP/Getty Images]

Spokesman for the Israeli occupation army, Avichai Adraee, on Friday accused the Syrian regime of allowing Hezbollah to deploy its forces in the Golan Heights.

Adraee published a video showing the alleged leader of the first legion in the Syrian Army, General Ali Ahmed Al-Asaad, while he was touring Hezbollah sites accompanied by the leader of the movement’s branch in the south, Hajj Hashem.

The Israeli official stated that the way Hezbollah was positioned in Syria and the Syrian part of the Golan Heights in particular: “Aims to create a terrorist structure against the state of Israel, with the cooperation and support of the Syrian regime, which we will not tolerate.”

He held the Syrian regime responsible for: “Any sabotage attempt launched from its lands.”

The Israeli occupation claimed that Hezbollah is stationing in the Golan with the aim of establishing a military infrastructure along the border with Israel in the Syrian Golan.

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Last July, the Israeli occupation forces assassinated Mashhour Zidan, claiming that he was a leader of Hezbollah and that he was responsible for recruiting volunteers from villages near the border with Israel to spy on the Israeli army’s movements in the north, and using their homes to conceal explosive devices, light weapons, machine guns, and anti-tank missiles to be used in wartimes if necessary.

Syrian reports indicated that Zidan, who visited Lebanon several times, had faked his identity several times at the border crossing separating Syria and Lebanon.

After the Israeli army revealed details about the Golan file four months ago, Zidan was summoned to Lebanon, recently returning to Syria. The documents in his possession at the time when his vehicle was targeted, indicated that he was bearing the name Mohamed Nagy.

Haaretz reported that the Israeli security services have been following up and studying the Golan dossier for a long time, especially with regard to the prominent personalities involved in the file.

Last July, The Daily Beast published an interview with leaders in Hezbollah, in which they claimed that the movement started deploying forces in Lebanon and the Syrian Golan, near the border with Israel.

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