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Turkey: Iran man arrested for hanging towel with British flag on national holiday

Iranian arrested by Turkish police in Kayseri [DHA]
Iranian arrested by Turkish police in Kayseri [DHA]

An Iranian national has been arrested following complaints from neighbours after he displayed a towel with a British flag on his balcony in the Turkish city of Kayseri on Tuesday.

According to DHA News Agency, Iranian Mohammad Reza K, who has been living in Kayseri for five months, was taken to the police station following complaints from residents after he placed a towel with a Union flag on it on his balcony while Turks marked the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day.

Outraged residents noticed the flag as they sang the national anthem from their balconies and reported it to the police.

“I hung my wet towel on the balcony to dry. I never had any provocative intention,” said Reza during the investigation, he was later released, and the towel was seized.

In a statement by the Governor’s Office said:  “Our citizens … deemed the display of the foreign flag to be a provocative action, upon this, as a result of complaints, the man was investigated, the towel was seized and the necessary legal action was launched.”

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