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Backlash as Turkey MP targets 'successful' Syria refugee

Turkish MP faces backlash after racist tweet targeting a Syrian refugee

July 24, 2020 at 3:15 pm

A Turkish member of parliament has faced backlash after a ‘racist’ tweet targeting a Syrian refugee, Orient News reported.

Ilay Aksoy, of the nationalist Iyi Party, posted a picture on Tuesday naming a young female Syrian graduate and revealing identifying personal details complaining that the Syrian refugee had found a job in a state hospital so soon after graduating with a degree in pharmacy.

The woman has reportedly received online abuse as a result.

Turks and Syrians took to social media to denounce the centre-right politician, expressing fear for the Syrian woman’s safety.

The controversial politician ran in the 2019 Istanbul elections under the banner: ‘I will not give Fatih to the Syrians’.

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