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Hindus angered as Israel PM Netanyahu’s son posts offensive image of goddess

July 28, 2020 at 1:32 pm

Yair Netanyhahu, 17 August 2017 [Image: Hun]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair posted an offensive picture of the Hindu goddess Durga to attack his father’s critics, reported the Times of Israel.

The image shows the Hindu goddess sat on a tiger under the caption: “Know your place you despicable people.” Attorney General Avichai Mandelbit’s face was superimposed over that of a tiger. The goddess’ arms can also be seen raised giving the middle finger.


The prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted on charges of accepting ‘improper’ gifts, and bribery with media moguls in exchange for positive coverage. Charges Netanyahu denies.

Netanyahu’s corruption trial started this month and hearings in the case will begin in January 2021.

The controversial tweet comes amid strengthening relations between Israel and India.

After decades of standing behind the Palestinian people, India under Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party tilted in Israel’s favour.

Following the angry responses from Hindus, Yair took to Twitter again to apologise, with another tweet claiming to “love India”.

“I’ve tweeted a meme from a satirical page, criticising political figures in Israel,” he tweeted yesterday.

“I didn’t realise the meme also portrayed an image connected to the majestic Hindu faith. As soon as I realised it from comments of our Indian friends, I have removed the tweet. I apologise.”


Under the right-wing Modi government, India has struck a special bond with Netanyahu. The past few years has seen the two countries move further to the right and taking positions on domestic and international issues that are at odds with international law.

This is not the first time that 28-year-old Netanyahu – who lives with his parents at the official Prime Minister’s residence – has made controversial statements online.

Last month, Yair took to Twitter to call for minorities to be banned from Tel Aviv, after Palestinian residents of Yaffa protested against Israel’s plan to build a homeless centre on what used to be the Islamic Al-Isaaf Cemetery.

Earlier this year, he called for the return of a “free, democratic and Christian” Europe, in an online rant. While last year he came under criticism after publishing several tweets denying the existence of Palestine because there is no “P” in the Arabic language.

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