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Israel: Violent right-wing thugs attack anti-Netanyahu protests, 8 arrests made

July 31, 2020 at 2:43 pm

Security forces arrest a protester during a demonstration against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on 21 July 2020 [Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu Agency]

At least eight right-wing pro-government counter demonstrators were arrested at anti-Netanyahu protestors in Jerusalem on Thursday, i24 News reports.

Thousands turned out to demonstrate against Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outside his residence in Balfour Street in Jerusalem over his government’s handling of the coronavirus and corruption charges, of which he is facing trial for.

The right wing thugs, believed to be Beitar Jerusalem supporting football hooligans, descended upon the anti-Netanyahu protests and reported physically attacked protestors and journalists, claiming the media to be ‘left wing’ and biased against the prime minister.

The violent right-wingers allegedly yelled at the demonstrators that it was a ‘shame Hitler didn’t finish the job’, and that the protestors didn’t ‘deserve someone like Bibi, you deserve someone like Hitler.’

Several of the pro-Netanyahu fanatics were arrested but later released.

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One protestor who wished to remain anonymous claimed that she was attacked by the pro-Netanyahu agitators after her and her partner left to return home.

She told Israeli daily Haaretz: “Suddenly on Gaza Street we ran into them. There were around 20 Beitar fans that cursed and attacked everyone coming back from the protest.”

“Suddenly they noticed us and started to follow us, spitting and threatening. One of them tried to take my phone. My partner shoved him. They kicked the car next to us as a threat.”

55 demonstrators were later arrested in an attempt to clear the area.

Police used high-pressure water cannons to disperse the crowds after midnight.