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Egypt’s isolation hospitals reopen in preparation for second coronavirus wave

An Egyptian man who recovered from Covid-19 donates blood at a hospital in Cairo, Egypt on 22 July 2020 [KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Egypt’s isolation hospitals will reopen this week ahead of a predicted second wave of coronavirus.

Mohamed Taleb, manager of Al-Nagila Hospital, Egypt’s first ever quarantine hospital, has said that the second wave could be even stronger than the first.

In an interview with DMC TV Taleb said that Health Minister Hala Zayed has held several meetings with hospital managers and asked that they be prepared.

Al-Nagila reopened as a covid isolation centre three days ago after initially closing when the country saw a decline in cases.

His advice goes against what head of the scientific committee to combat coronavirus at the Egyptian Health and Population Ministry, Hossam Hosny, said earlier this week, that Egypt was not in the midst of a second wave of the virus.

Hosny told ONE that the increase in infection numbers was due to Egyptians being careless, and did not indicate there would be a second wave.

On Monday “the second wave” was trending on Twitter with social media users calling on others to observe the necessary precautions by wearing a face mask.

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In June, the World Health Organisation warned of the possibility of a second wave of coronavirus in a number of countries, including Egypt.

A second COVID-19 wave hit Iran in early May.

Countries across Europe including Spain, Belgium, Italy, France and the UK are also seeing a resurgence of cases although there is debate over whether this should be classed as a second wave.

A rise in cases for Egypt will be concerning since doctors have repeatedly warned throughout the pandemic that they are not equipped to treat infections.

Medics have said that there is a lack of protective equipment and that the health system cannot cope due to years of government neglect and mismanagement.

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic Egyptians were desperately posting on social media looking for spaces in hospitals which were full to capacity and turning patients away.

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