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Attacks on the Palestinian cause are spearheaded by collaborators

October 13, 2020 at 12:04 pm

Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Berlin, Germany on June 11, 2019 [Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

I have been following the language used in attacks on the Palestinian issue, and believe that those responsible are not individuals acting alone, but are part of a political approach that goes beyond attacking Palestinian decisions, politics and leaders. The attacks cover all Palestinian issues: the land, the people and their history. The justice of the Palestinian cause is being questioned in order to justify normalisation and prepare the ground to receive what are definitely disappointing decisions for the Arabs to hear, especially those which entail submission to the occupation state which is rejected by anyone with an ounce of self-respect who aspires to freedom and democracy.

Truth be told, though, the attacks on the Palestinian cause are not connected to the current normalisation. They began when restrictions were imposed on the Palestinian movements across the Arabian Peninsula; when dozens of people providing humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza were arrested. In short, long before the current normalisation phase. When dozens of kings and presidents met US President Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia, remember, they described legitimate Palestinian resistance movements as “terrorists” in their closing statement.

It is not necessary to respond to the people about this assault on the Palestinian issue; there is no need to refute their claims. Instead, the response must be political and with principled stances rather than long-winded statements, not only from organisations and partisan bodies, as the attacks have always been political and for the purpose of normalisation. It must be a Palestinian response by holding to account the corrupt leaders who represented the weak link through which the sceptics fled. The first duty is for us to set out on our path as Palestinians and lean on the shoulders of our young people, who are motivated by resistance work accompanied by correcting the path and political partnership first and ending the division second.

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The Palestinian issue is much bigger than Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar Bin Sultan; indeed, it’s greater than all rulers, presidents and princes put together. It is the issue of all Arab people. An opinion poll has shown that only six per cent of the Arab people support normalisation, which nullifies all of the defamation campaigns and reveals the hearts of the people who love Palestine. This has turned the Arabs from being spectators to being participants; from waiting to action; from silence to speech; and from scepticism about their capabilities to confidence about their future and the future of the Palestinian cause.

Someone sent me a message on Twitter saying, “I hate Palestinians more than anything.” I replied: “You are free to hate Palestinians as you wish, but rest assured that the enemy of the Palestinians is your enemy, that whatever befalls the Palestinians will descend upon you, and that whoever shoots me in the back will push you off a thousand cliffs.”

Israel has occupied Arab lands for decades without occupying the minds and hearts of the Arabs. This is what Israel seeks to do today through the battle to falsify their consciousness. This battle is spearheaded by spies and collaborators, and the Zionist media outlets are its backbone.

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This article first appeared in Arabic in the Palestinian Information Centre on 11 October 2020

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