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Qatar finds the parents of baby girl abandoned in Doha airport

Baby discovered in a bin at Doha airport
Baby discovered in a bin at Doha airport

Qatar says it has identified the parents of a baby who was abandoned last month in a bin at Doha's airport, Al Jazeera reports.

Last month, CCTV footage was released purportedly showing the moment paramedics discovered an abandoned baby girl at Doha airport.

According to the report, a woman from "an Asian country" fled abroad after dumping the infant, public prosecutors said, adding that efforts were under way to extradite her.

The prosecutor added that international efforts are under way to arrest "the fugitive convict" who faces "a maximum penalty of 15 years".

"The mother, while leaving the country, threw the newborn infant in the trash can in one of the toilets in the Departures Lounge at the Airport and boarded the plane to her destination," the statement said.

A DNA test clarified that an Asian man was the father, report says.

The discovery created an immediate search for the parents, including on ten planes, after the infant was found at the airport.

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During investigation, several women on board a Sydney-bound Qatar Airways flight said they were ordered to disembark, taken to ambulances on the tarmac, and told to remove their underwear for an examination.

The women said they were given no information by officials and that they did not have an opportunity to provide informed consent. Afterwards, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison described the incident as "appalling" and "unacceptable".

On the other hand, his Qatari counterpart, Sheikh Khalid Bin Khalifa Al Thani, said standard procedures were violated and expressed his "sincerest apology for what some female travellers went through".

Meanwhile, public prosecutors in Qatar announced that they had filed criminal charges against a number of employees working in the airport security department.

According to a statement released by the prosecutors, the officers had broken the law "by summoning female medical staff to conduct external examinations of some female passengers", and faced up to three years in prison if convicted, a statement said.

The prosecutors also charged the mother of the child with attempted murder.

Qatar to prosecute those behind invasive searches on female passengers

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