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Syria calls on UN to take 'immediate' action against Israeli air strikes

Israeli war planes seen during a training excercise [U.S. Air Force photo/Wikipedia]
Israeli war planes [U.S. Air Force photo/Wikipedia]

Syria has called on the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities and take "strict and immediate" action against Israel's repeated air strikes on its neighbour.

"The Israeli aggression on Syria coincided with the terrorist acts committed by Al-Qasd militia fighters [Syrian Democratic Forces] against the Syrian people in eastern Syria," said the foreign ministry in Damascus in its letter to the UN. "They are supported by the American administration and the international coalition forces."

The ministry added that there was clear coordination between the incidents aimed at "implementing the American projects" in Syria.

Israeli warplanes have recently targeted a number of vital Syrian military sites in several areas in Deir Ezzor Governorate.

State-run SANA news agency said that the Israeli strikes left five people dead. However, local media put the death toll in excess of 50 people, in addition to the destruction of buildings used by the regime forces.

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