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Arab parliament ready to take part in monitoring Palestine elections

Image of a voting registering centre in Rafah in the southern Gaza strip [apaimages]
Image of a voting registering centre in Rafah, Gaza [apaimages]

Arab parliament Speaker Adel Abdul-Rahman Al-Asoumi welcomed on Monday a presidential decree on holding parliamentary, presidential and Palestinian National Council elections, a statement sent to the media announced.

He reiterated the support of the Arab parliament for these "important" elections, which will be carried out for the first time in more than ten years.

Al-Asoumi stressed that the Arab parliament is ready to take part in monitoring the elections and offering all support needed.

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The elections, according to Al-Asoumi, are considered an essential step in support for the Palestinian cause, an opportunity for the Palestinians to choose their MPs and a chance to reunite the Palestinians.

He also welcomed the "positive" responses of the Palestinian factions regarding the presidential decree and the timetable of the electoral process.

Al-Asoumi called for all the Palestinian people and Palestinian factions to take part in these elections and to manage any potential obstacles.

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