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Yemen: local imam murdered because call to prayer 'disturbed sleep'

Sheikh Mahyoub Shamsan Al-Zaghouri [sadamalhorybi1/Twitter]
Sheikh Mahyoub Shamsan Al-Zaghouri [sadamalhorybi1/Twitter]

The imam of Al-Rahma Mosque in the Al-Darba Al-Olaya neighbourhood of Taiz, Yemen, has been murdered, apparently because the morning call to prayer "disturbed" the killer's sleep, local media have reported.

Qassem Mohammed Al-Zubaidi, 35, is alleged to have stabbed [ to death using a kitchen knife before he went into the mosque to make the call for the dawn prayer on Tuesday. The 80-year-old victim was then beaten with a rock.

Local sources say that the alleged murderer had tried to assault Sheikh Al-Zaghouri on other occasions.

Yemen has witnessed a significant increase in crime over the past few years due to the prevailing lack of security and stability in the country.

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